Address Validation and Cleansing

Improve data quality by matching, validating and cleaning your NZ customer addresses

Why is address validation/cleansing important?

Accurate address data is critical to fulfil orders and to make valid business decisions based on reliable data.

Match, clean and recover incomplete, incorrect and improperly formatted addresses with the one-click Addy cleanse excel spreadsheet.

Advanced fuzzy address matching techniques are used for achieving high address classification accuracy even when spelling mistakes or incorrect postal codes, suburbs or incomplete data exist in your database.

Poor address data quality can be prevented by providing users with predictive search-as-you-type address suggestion software. Use our address autocomplete plugin on your website or app to validate addresses in real-time against official NZ Post address datasets.

Four steps to improve your address data quality

Do you have an existing data set with a mix of partial, incomplete and complete addresses? Download the address cleaning spreadsheet template to perform bulk verification of your addresses.

The excel spreadsheet will call Addy's Address Verification API with the address record and provide the full address details in return.

Step 1 - Enable Content

Enable the content (Enable Macros) in Excel as shown below.

Step 2 - Add Your Addy Key

Add your Addy Address API key in cell B2 as shown below.

Get started with a free account to get your API key

Step 3 - Add Addresses To Verify / Cleanse

Enter or Copy & Paste your address records into Excel as shown below.

Note: You can type in the entire address in "Input Field 1" or split it up into several "Input Field" columns.

Step 4 - Match and Clean

Click the 'Match' button as shown below to match and clean all of the addresses.

The cleaned and matched address results are displayed in the columns on the right to include the Suburb, City and Postcode.

Address cleansing questions and answers

How can I change the matched address?

Click on the "Address Suggestions" column to see additional address matches. Select a different address in the drop-down to manually validate a different address and to automatically fill in all of the detailed address columns.

Why are there so many matched addresses?

A partial address such as "80 Queen" will match many address because are many possible matches for that partial address such as 80 Queen Charlotte Drive, 80 Queen Road and 80 Queen Street in Auckland Central, Masterton, North Dunedin, Richmond and more.

A partial address with more information such as "80 Queen Charlotte Dr Havelock" will only return a single match, properly formatted and complete with postcode, suburb, city, territory, region and more.

Does the Input Field order matter?

No the order does not matter. The input fields can contain any address segment such as city, street, number or postcode.

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