3 Tips to improve address data quality

How to get the most out of your customer's address data with automated matching

Address Cleansing Software

What is the business case and considerations for using address cleansing software?
  1. Minimise costly customer complaints
  2. Run cost effective and impactful marketing campaigns based on accurate, reliable and complete data
  3. Improve collections and recovery goals by getting hold of the right people using the right address
  4. Improve delivery time and efficiency by eliminating time consuming manual address correction steps by the fulfilment team
  5. Reduce undelivered and re-delivered goods to increase repeat business metrics

What level of accuracy should your business aim for?

If data is 99% accurate:
  • how many new-borns would be given to the wrong parents daily?
  • how many incorrect medical procedures would be performed daily?
Low address accuracy leads to low confidence, especially when there are multiple versions of the truth and customers have conflicting addresses distributed across multiple systems. Poor address data hinders the ability to forecast accurately. It can also lead to decreased revenue by missed cross selling opportunities, rework and remediation effort, customer support and high reputational risk.

What can cause bad address data?

  1. Data captured inconsistently across multiple systems
  2. Multiple copies of the same data exist
  3. Typing in address fields on forms without validation against common entry mistakes
  4. Incomplete forms due to a long, cumbersome process

What is the best way to validate and cleanse addresses?

There are two solutions. The first solution is to validate and capture addresses before bad data enter your system. The second solution is to use bulk address validation to fix and cleanse existing addresses in your database.

1. Entry point address validation. Using a real-time address finder and validator on your website, eCommerce checkout-page or application can make it easy for users to autocomplete their address details fast and accurately. Pre-built JavaScript widgets call the secure Address Validation API to find and match input addresses against the latest, official address sources supplied by the New Zealand Postal Address File (PAF) and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) street address databases.

2. Bulk address cleansing. Export your addresses to Addy's Excel spreadsheet and click "match" to batch cleanse large volumes of address data in one go by calling the secure Address Cleansing API in the background. Import your cleansed addresses into your system and you're done. Developers also have the option to automate the address cleansing process by calling the Address Validation API programmatically.

Why should your business use a third party like Addy for address cleansing?

Addy has a commercial license to use the latest, up-to-date address information available in New Zealand. Addy is easy to use and can handle large volumes of address data to perform bulk address cleansing and provide hybrid (bulk and manual) validation.

Addy have years of experience working with large corporate businesses, perfecting the art of incorporating advanced algorithms such as fuzzy address matching into our address cleansing solution to produce accurate results.

How much does it cost to match and cleanse my address database?

Addy provides 500 free cleansed addresses per month. If you need to validate additional addresses per month you only pay for what you use. No contracts and no expensive, fixed monthly fees.

Addy offers an on-premises solution for private (no usage logging), high volume, unlimited address cleansing requests suitable for medium to large enterprise organisations.

See the pricing page for more detail.

How do I get started?

Sign up for an address validation account and head over to the address cleansing page to start the easy journey towards accurate, quality address data.

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