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Address Geocoding

Add latitude and longitude coordinates to your address data for geospatial applications

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Visualise customer addresses on a map using geocodes

Tag customer addresses with precise geospatial latitude and longitude coordinates. Visualise address data on maps to identify store networks, events and groups of customers with high accuracy.

Type in a New Zealand address to find coordinates and visualise the points on Google maps.

Reverse Geocode Addresses

Use the inbuilt browser GPS to find the addresses closest to the user. Reverse Geocoding provides a "click and select" address finder without typing. Reverse geocoding is ideal for applications such as delivery, pick-up, insurance incident notifications or emergency services callouts.

Bulk reverse geocoding with CSV Spreadsheets

What is bulk reverse geocoding?

Reverse geocoding is the process of pin-pointing a physical address from a latitude and longitude GPS location. Street addresses with suburbs, cities and postcodes are human readable whereas long, high precision lat/long point location digits are difficult to read without a pin on a map.

Addy's bulk reverse geocoding service allows you to turn a large list of coordinate points from a CSV spreadsheet into the nearest, readable street addresses. The distance in metres (kilometre decimals) between the GPS coordinates and the physical addresses are included with every successful point to address conversion.

What are the benefits of reverse geocoding?


- turn thousands of lat/long coordinates into addresses


- geocoded addresses are matched against authoritative NZ Post and LINZ datasets


- address results are in the same consistent format


- new metadata such as postal codes, suburbs, cities and Stats NZ Census metadata will be added too


- using the Addy ID or NZ Post DPID you can uniquely identify addresses for duplication detection

Transparent Pricing 

- Reverse geocode 500 coordinates into addresses free per month, choose a plan if you need more

Geospatial and Reverse Geocoding APIs

Use the Geocode Address API to find the nearest addresses from a given location
Use the Bounding Box Address API to retrieve all of the addresses without a set of GPS coordinates
Use the Address Details API to retrieve coordinates for an address by NZ Post's DPID or LINZ's street ID

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Address Services

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