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Address Discovery API

Use the Address Discovery API to retrieve bulk addresses using optional filters

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The Address Discovery API is great at finding and retrieving bulk New Zealand addresses based on optional filter criteria. For example, retrieve all addresses by road, suburb, city, postcode, territory or region.

Use cases for this API:

Refreshing Addresses: Retrieve addresses that were modified after a given date to keep your database up to date and improve your address statement of accuracy.

Combining Census Data: Find all of the properties in meshblock (a small geographic location as defined by Statistics NZ), to get insight into census data such as average income, age, population, religion, gender diversity and more.

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API Endpoint

HTTP Request TypeGET

cURL Request

The example below will make a JSON request to retrieve all of the addresses with a postcode of 1010:

1curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' ''
Remember to replace demo-api-key with your own API key.

Request Parameters

limitNumber of addresses to return per batch (default = 100, maximum = 1000)integer200
offsetOffset to continue the paging (default = 0)integer5
parcelidFilter by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) Parcel Identifierinteger2027703
meshblockFilter by Meshblock as defined by Statistics NZ (2013 Census dataset)integer438102
streetnumberFilter by street number11
roadFilter by road name (full road name required)stringQueen Street
suburbFilter by suburb name (full suburb name required)stringTakapuna
mailtownFilter by mail town name (full mailtown name required)stringHamilton
cityFilter by city name (full city name required)stringHamilton
territoryFilter by territory name (full territory name required)stringHamilton City
regionFilter by region name (full region name required excl. "Region" suffix)stringWaikato
postcodeFilter by 4 digit postcodestring0622
pafInclude/exclude NZ Post addresses only. (True = NZ Post Only)booleantrue
modifiedbydateDate since the address was last modifieddate2018-01-22

Response Properties

addressArray of address resultsaddress array[{address},{address}]
_linksLinks for paging through the resultsURI/discovery?offset=100&limit=500

Address Response Property Description

idUnique identifier for the addressinteger2417575
displaynameFull display name of the addressstring80 Queen Street, Auckland Central, Auckland 1010
_linkLink to Details API for retrieving metadatastring/address/2417575

The Address Discovery API works in conjunction with the Address Details API.

Call the Address Details API endpoint (e.g. /address/2417575) to retrieve detailed address metadata for a search result.

Response Example for retrieving the first 2 addresses from "Lomond Street"
    "addresses": [
        "id": 1199201,
        "displayname": "1 Lomond Street, Caversham, Dunedin 9012",
        "_link": "/address/1199201"
        "id": 1199202,
        "displayname": "3 Lomond Street, Caversham, Dunedin 9012",
        "_link": "/address/1199202"
    "_links": {
      "next": "/discovery?limit=2&road=Lomond+Street&offset=2"

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